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Some player of cricket apply sunscreen on their faces while ...

Sep 29,2021 - Some player of cricket apply sunscreen on their faces while in ground in sunlight, becausea)It protects the skin against harmful ultra violet rays of sunb)It makes the skin more tannedc)It makes the skin more coold)It makes the skin smooth and beautifulCorrect answer is option 'A'.

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The White Cream that cricketers use on their face is a special sunscreen made from zinc oxide. It is a sunscreen that provides extra protection to the players from the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays. Cricketers are exposed to direct sunlight for hours and players use this cream on sensitive parts of the face.

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Sunscreen or zinc should be reapplied at least every two hours or more regularly if you’re sweating so put extra in your cricket bag. Hydration breaks provide the perfect opportunity to reapply. Correct application of sunscreen is essential. 85% of Aussies don’t use enough sunscreen, putting themselves at risk.

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Wherever you feel you are susceptible to being burned by the sun, you should make sure that you apply a decent amount in that area. Most cricketers that you will see wearing Zinc oxide will apply it to the head/face, back of the neck or their hands, as these are the areas most exposed to the sun’s glare.

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Canadian cricket team captain Ashish Bagai applies sunscreen lotion during a training session at The Brabourne Cricket Stadium in Mumbai on March 10,... Free sunscreen applied to spectators during the opening match of The NatWest Series against Sri Lanka at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

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Know how to use the equipment properly and safely. Follow the rules and play fairly. Other safety tips for playing cricket Suggestions include: Wear a hat and use sunscreen. Drink water before, during and after play. Don’t play in extreme heat or wet conditions. Where possible, games should be rescheduled.

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Cricket players play matches in sunlight. In some countries the rays of the sun are direct. The white cream that players apply on the face is zinc oxide which is a kind of physical sunscreen. This cream acts as a reflector and protects the skin from the effects and damage of sun rays.

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UV sticker raises cricket fans' sunscreen use ... "This suggests that perhaps people may not have applied enough sunscreen or did not apply it in a way that gave them full protection from sunburn ...