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DILR SET 2 : GAMES AND TOURNAMENTS. Sixty-four players seeded from seed 1 to seed 64 participated in a knock-out tennis tournament. Seed 1 is the highest seed and seed 64 is the lowest seed. The tournament would be played in six rounds i.e., first round, second round, third round, quarterfinals, semi finals and final.

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Shreyans Mittal. (@shreyans_mittal) Active Member. Read the information given below and solve the questions based on it. Following table gives the result of dueNorth soccer competition. Matches were played round robin (each team playing against another once) and the teams participated were Bihar, Punjab and Haryana.

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In Logical Reasoning very often we encounter problems based on games and tournaments. The first thing that as a CAT taker you need to realize is that such tournament based format offers the examiner a multitude of options. So, there cannot be a set formula for solving such kind of questions. However, if you look at the CAT papers of past few years – a pattern seems to emerge. Let us discuss couple of them.

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CAT DILR : CAT 2019 Question Paper Slot 1 Set 6 : Archery. Six players – Tanzi, Umeza, Wangdu, Xyla, Yonita and Zeneca competed in an archery tournament. The tournament had three compulsory rounds, Rounds 1 to 3. In each round every player shot an arrow at a target. Hitting the centre of the target (called bull’s eye) fetched the highest score of 5.

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Complete CAT DILR In 1 Hour. Set-2. Instructions. Five racers A,B,C,D and E participated in the “Havana athletics Competition”. In the competition they will run five races Race1, Race2, Race3, Race4 and Race 5. Each race have different prize money for the racers who secure first three positions.

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With this information, you can look at tournament-based DI sets in a more technical manner and even leave the difficult ones effortlessly. I have solved a set from CAT 2008 here to help you understand the approach in a more practical manner. Read the other parts of the tournaments series here: Cracking knockout tournaments

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CAT 2020 DILR Solutions (All Slots) CAT logical reasoning questions , in recent years, have been unconventional and of higher difficulty level . These sudden and unexpected changes have made it difficult for the aspirant to find a good source for practicing Logical reasoning questions for the LRDI section of CAT exam.