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Switching the point of attack - Elite Soccer

Balls, bibs, cones, 4 mannequins, 4 mini target goals, 2 full size goals. No. of players. Up to 16 players + 2 goalkeepers. Session time. Warm-up: 10mins, Switch play: 15mins, Switching to cross: 15mins, Runs to attack cross: 15mins, Conditioned game: 20mins. This is all about encouraging players to switch the point of attack at pace. We would run this if we were playing against a team with narrow support, such as a narrow back three and a diamond midfield.

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Changing the Point of Attack - Soccer Toolbox

Players should be encouraged to play quickly with one and two touch passing. 2. Outside Players. The outside players should be used to help keep possession and also switch the point of attack. These players are only valuable if they are moving and creating passing angles and options for their teammates in the middle.

Football/Soccer: ATTACKING: Switching the Point of attack ...

1.Speed of play - Can we quickly switch point of attack using 1 and 2 touch passes? 2. Create width to allow point of attack to change quickly. 3. Player on the ball keep the ball moving quickly while trying to unbalnce opponents. 4. Do not force play, be patient in possession and recognize oppositions weakside . 5.

Soccer Switch Point Of Attack # 1 Training Drill

Switch Point Of Attack # 1 Print/Download This Drill Basic Information Age Group: (5-7yrs) (8-11yrs) (12-15yrs) (16-Adult) Number of Players: 8+ Difficulty: Medium Time: 15-25 min. Emphasis: Possession, Passing Field Preparation: 2 teams 2 grids of equal size 4 mini goals good supply of

Switching the point of attack - Soccer Coach Weekly

Place a mini goal and gated goal on each end line as pictured and have neutral players between the goals. The aim is to constantly switch the point of attack and score either with a dribble through the gated goal or a pass into the mini goal. The neutral players are used to constantly switch the point of attack.

Channel Game: Switching the Point of Attack - Soccer Toolbox

One of the best ways to create a numerical advantage is to switch the point of attack. Many coaches will attempt to do this in the air. In the video clip below Brian McMahon,Palm Beach Atlantic University Head Coach, demonstrates the Channel Game. This is 5v5v5 drill that he uses to switch the point of attack on the ground.


as you shift the point of attack. GAME 1-4-3-3-vs 1-4-5-1 Coaching Points: Look for opportunities to change the POA out of the build up play using the “skip pass” to bypass early pressure. Look for switches of play as the attack solution to play middle to the final 3 rd. Capitalize on the switch pass by working at speed to create a scoring chance.

Switching the Point of Attack: 1 and 2 Pass Drill with Josh ...

Watch as Coach explains, and players demonstrate this switching the point of attack: 1 and 2 pass drill. The players are divided into 2 groups of six with 3 stations per group. The drill works on players 'showing' for the pass, playing 1 touch to collect it and 2 touch to make the pass out.

Switching the Point of Attack - YouTube

For information on purchasing this entire video, go to: http://www.championshipproductions.com/cgi-bin/champ/p/Soccer/Switching-the-Point-of-Attack_RD-05023A...

Switching Point of Attack Session - YouTube

Switching the point of attack, win possession during a rondo and quickly look to switch play. Ending with cross and finish.