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Soccer Betting Rules - Bovada Sports Help Center

All settlements not covered by the above will be settled as per Bovada’s Soccer Betting Rules. 6. The game will be paused for 10 minutes at half-time for 2H wagering. 7. If the game goes to Extra Time and/or Penalties, it will be paused for 5 minutes for OT wagering. 8. Any settlement disputes must be made within 10 days of the event’s broadcast.

Live Soccer Betting Rules - Bovada Sports Help Center

Soccer Live Betting Rules. 1. All bets are for 90 minutes including stoppage time, unless stated otherwise. Extra time and penalty shootouts don’t count. 2. Postponed and Abandoned Matches: An unplayed or postponed match is settled as " No Action ". Any match that is abandoned before the completion of 90 minutes play will be graded as " No Action ", except for those wagers where the outcome has already been determined at the time of abandonment.

General Sports Betting Rules - Help Center | Bovada Casino

The result of this match will be decided by the number of goals scored by the teams involved in their actual fixtures on the same calendar day. Rules: If both teams score the same number of goals, the 'draw' option is the winner. If a match is postponed, regular postponed match rules apply.

Virtual Sports Betting Rules - Help Center | Bovada Casino

Virtual Sports Betting Rules. From soccer to camel racing, Bovada offers a variety of virtual gaming to bet on. To access the games, click ‘ Sports ’ at the top of any page, then ‘ All Sports ’ for our full menu. Or click here to be taken there directly. Rules differ depending on the type of game you bet on.

Live Betting Rules? | Bovada Help Center

4. The user is not allowed to place a bet that exceeds their current available Bovada account balance (total balance less all pending bets). 5. The user is liable for all bets submitted accidentally or erroneously. 6. All lines determined to have been available past post will be graded ' No Action '. 7.

Moneyline Wagers: Placing and Rules - Help Center | Bovada Casino

Basketball Moneyline Rules. Moneylines are offered only when the point spread is between 1 and 15. Soccer 3-way Moneyline Rules. Moneyline wagers in soccer have three outcomes: you can pick either of the teams to win, or you can pick a draw; if you don't pick a draw and the game goes to extra time, you lose the wager. RELATED TOPICS:

Bovada Rules - US Online Sports Betting

Bovada Sports Betting Rules. These rules are common for all sports wagers offered by Bovada. All sporting events must take place on the date and at the site scheduled unless otherwise specified. Time changes within a day do not affect wagers.

Totals Over/ Under: Rules - Help Center | Bovada Casino

If the Patriots end up winning 37-24, the final combined score is 61. If you bet the Over, you win. If the Patriots only won 30-27, the combined score matches the total—the wager will be graded a ‘Push’ and your money will be refunded. Baseball Over/Under Rules. In baseball, both listed pitchers must start the game and a game must go 9 ...

A Detailed Guide to Soccer Laws - Understanding the Rules of ...

Soccer matches are divided into two halves, each of which is 45 minutes long with a half time break in between. Half time intervals must not exceed a 15-minute duration. If the game in question does not allow teams to draw (knockout stages), there will be two 15-minute periods of extra time followed by a penalty shootout to determine the winner.