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Leg Kick on the Serve – What is yours?

The USTA has an 8 stage model of the serve – which finishes with a pronounced back leg kick (featuring Andy Roddick, the previous model was Maria Sharapova) But what of Serena’s serve, the acknowledged best ever single stroke in the history of women’s tennis

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If a server does not kick his right leg back on a forceful follow through then he will be staying more upright and incur more strain on the dominant side of his back etc. The ball has already gone, a follow through wants to be smooth and balanced to absorb all the forces and avoid shocks as much as possible.

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Stand with both feet comfortably apart (about shoulder width). The front foot should be about 45 degrees to the baseline. The back foot should be about parallel to the baseline. Try to hold the ball mostly with your fingers (not the palm) as this helps you to toss the ball with minimum spin on the tennis serve. The Toss (Image 2) Hold the ball in your fingers. Bring the tossing arm down and then raise it.

An 8-Stage Model for Evaluating the Tennis Serve

In an efficiently functioning kinetic chain, the legs and trunk segments are the engine for the development of force and the stable proximal base for distal mobility. 26,37,58 This link develops 51% to 55% of the kinetic energy and force delivered to the hand. 37 This link also creates the back-leg-to-front-leg angular momentum to drive the arm up and forward. 33,55 The large cross-sectional area of the legs and trunk, with its large mass and high moment of inertia, creates an anchor that ...

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This serve is the most basic kick serve and most players will use it for the second serve a large percentage of the time, especially on hard courts. When well executed this serve is heavy and difficult to deal with because it can bounce well above the returner's preferred contact height.

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Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your serve potential. Most players make at...

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Oftentimes, players will jump only off the front leg, especially players who step-up on the serve. Make sure the back (right) leg is driving in synchrony with the left. Once they can make the jump and the landing without the ball, they progress to the actual hit.